Connector Housing, JWPS Series, 4 Ways, 4 mm, JST SJWPST-21T-M1.0N Tab Crimp Contact


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JWPS Series
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JWPS Series
JST SJWPST-21T-M1.0N Tab Crimp Contact
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Ürün Genel Bakış

The JWPS series wire-to-board wire-to-wire Connector offers engineers design flexibility with its small form factor solution for a water-proof IP67 rated product that is ideal for extreme moisture or submersion applications. Their unique construction includes a seal ring that protects from moisture, dirt, scratches and cracks by completely sealing at the mating side that is contained in the header or tab housing depending on which series is being used. In addition, a solid rubber seal is used for wire side sealing that makes the size compact. All seals are pre-assembled eliminating the need for additional handling on the manufacturing floor. The unique contact locking feature is internal to the housing thereby eliminating contact back out and damage through handling external locking lances. The contact system has a double spring construction that ensures superior contact force. To facilitate proper mating, connectors offer keying and colour coding.


Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Portable Devices, Commercial