Cable Management Tool, Mark 9 Stainless Steel Cable Tie Installation Tool, Mark 9


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Mark 9
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Mark 9 Stainless Steel Cable Tie Installation Tool
Mark 9
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Ürün Genel Bakış

The MK9SST is a Cable Tie Tool constructed with heavy-duty parts to ensure optimum performance. It is designed to apply our MBT cable ties with a strap width of up to 16mm. The tool is ideally suited for use in most arduous environments such as those found on board ships, oil rigs and construction sites or in nuclear power stations. Although it is used for applying stainless steel cable ties, it enables work to be carried out without operator fatigue. For easier handling the tensioning is fully adjustable by means of a quick two level control with an additional fine setting. This feature means that damage to the bundled materials is easily avoided. The cable ties are automatically cut off flush with the head when the preset tensioning level has been reached. It is suitable for use with the MBT5SS, MBT8SS, MBT14SS, MBT20SS, MBT27SS, MBT33SS, MBT8HS, MBT14HS, MBT20HS, MBT27HS, MBT33HS, MBT14XHS, MBT20XHS, MBT27XHS and MBT33XHS stainless steel cable ties.
  • Light-weight, ergonomic design
  • Glass-fibre-reinforced housing
  • Ergonomic design
  • Consistent tensioning and automatically cutting of metal ties MBT/MAT-series
  • Infinitely adjustable tension force combined with two-step quick adjustment


Alternative Energy, Logistics, Consumer Electronics, Avionics, Aerospace, Defence, Military