ED-538 - 

I/O Module, Ethernet to Digital Relay, 8 Digital Inputs, 4 Form A Relays


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The ED-538 is an Ethernet to DIO Device contains 8 non-isolated digital input channels and 4 digital type A relay outputs. It has powerful ARM 80MHz, 32-bit CPU. Offers robust and intelligent 'control side' devices that provide the interface to systems on the 24V factory floor environment, commonly referred to as 'process side'. The device can be controlled over TCP/IP using the Modbus TCP protocol or simple ASCII commands. It behaves as a web relay controlled over Ethernet. Additionally brainboxes supply a suite of APIs and sample code to communicate with the device using Microsoft .NET framework Visual Basic, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP and more. The device and be configured and secured from a web browser. The device can be installed as a COM port on a Windows PC to give complete backwards compatibility essential for legacy applications. The device is compatible with the Microsoft Windows 10, web browser, Microsoft Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit editions and Windows server 2012.
  • RS-485 NuDam/ADAM compatible serial gateway
  • Modbus TCP or DCON ASCII IO protocols
  • Active high/low and pulsed high/low watchdog
  • Triggered by user programmable +ve or -ve edges, stays true until acknowledged latch inputs
  • User programmable - counts positive or negative transitions up to 100Hz
  • Integrated DIN-rail mount
  • 1500V Magnetic isolation between ports and network protection


Motor Drive & Control, Thermal Management, LED Lighting, HVAC, Communications & Networking, Automation & Process Control, Industrial

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