LVR025K - 

PPTC Resettable Fuse, Through Hole, PolySwitch LVR Series, 250 mA, 560 mA, 240 VAC, -40 °C


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PolySwitch LVR Series
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Ürün Bilgileri

PolySwitch LVR Series
Through Hole
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Ürün Genel Bakış

The LVR025K is a PolySwitch Resettable Device helps in protecting electric motors and transformers used in commercial and home appliances from damage caused by mechanical overloads, overheating, stall, lost neutral and other potentially harmful conditions. The LVR line-voltage product line of polymeric positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) devices includes components that are rated for line voltages of 120VAC and 240VAC, for up to 2A of operating current at 20°C. They help protect against damage caused by both over current surges and over temperature faults. They also offer low resistance and are compatibly sized with fuse solutions. The PolySwitch LVR device resettable functionality and latching attributes make them a reliable, cost-effective circuit protection solution for both intermittent- and continuous-operation motor applications. Their low resistance, fast time-to-trip and low profile help circuit designers provide a safe and dependable product.
  • Compatible with high-volume electronics assembly
  • Assist in meeting regulatory requirements
  • Hold current at 0.25A
  • Trip current at 0.56A
  • Radial construction
  • UL94V-0 Flammability


Industrial, Medical, Test & Measurement, Audio, Lighting, Communications & Networking, Security

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