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Contact, Coplanar 70-9159 Series, Coplanar 70-9159 Series Board to Board Connectors, Socket, Copper

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70 9159 001 402 006
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Coplanar 70-9159 Series
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Gold Plated Contacts
Coplanar 70-9159 Series
Surface Mount
Coplanar 70-9159 Series Board to Board Connectors
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Ürün Genel Bakış

The Coplanar 70-9159 series 2-piece Coplanar-linear Single Contact offers the smallest profile while still supporting full 5A capability. The 1-piece version offers the best cost advantage for a connectorized solution, yet has limitations in LED pitch densities. Connectors interrupt this requirement at each board-to-board interface. By design and construction, providing a single contact connector is not economical. By removing the insulator and allowing contacts to be placed individually, the PCB can be designed with the LEDs in the centre of the PCB and the contacts on the outer edges. This optimizes the design for functionality and assembly at the best cost possible. The contacts are packaged in T and R for automatic placement, absorb significant x and y assembly tolerances and provide a reliable gold-to-gold active contact interface. Application notes are available to outline all of the contact configurations to support both BTB and WTB applications.
  • Gold plated horizontal contact system maximizes lateral PCB alignment
  • Mating tolerances with a proven 2-piece connector solution
  • Contact height has been minimized to 1.2mm above the PCB to prevent any shadowing effect
  • Contacts can be individually spaced to support any voltage rating with a full 5A current rating
  • Individual contacts can support BTB and WTB applications
  • 5A Current rating
  • 5 Cycles durability
  • -40 to 125°C Operating temperature range


Commercial, LED Lighting, Industrial