C702 10M008 231 40 - 

Memory Socket, C700 Series, Smart Card


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Üretici Parça No.:
C702 10M008 231 40
Sipariş Kodu:
Ürün Çeşitleri
C700 Series
Teknik Bilgi Formu:
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Ürün Bilgileri

Smart Card
C700 Series
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Ürün Genel Bakış

The C702 series smart card Wiping XXS Memory Socket with gleitende Kontakte contact method. It is used for chip card reader function. It is activated after the data contacts have mated with the contact field and before the card reaches its final position. The contact set is fixed, when the card is inserted, it wipes over the data contacts until they arrive at the card pads. Depending upon the card surface, wiping traces which do not influence the card function can occur after some insertion cycles. The advantage of wiping contacts is that they clean the contact point with every mating cycle.
  • Self cleaning card present switch
  • Normally open or normally closed switch
  • Boardlocks for mechanical fixation
  • Special shape of contacts minimizes card scratching
  • PCB Mounting, dip solder pins


Computers & Computer Peripherals, Industrial